Pineapple Passion

I LOVE pineapples. I love the taste, the look, but especially the legend of their meaning. I didn't always love them. In fact, I don't think I liked them at all until I was an adult. My dad was super allergic so, understandably, we never had them in the house. I think I had a … Continue reading Pineapple Passion


Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love Roadtrips!

Who doesn't love a road trip?! Jeff and I have always LOVED driving together! Inspired by our trip to OKC last weekend, here's some reasons why! 1) The Jams Jeff is the ultimate DJ. He makes fantastic Spotify playlists (or old school iPod playlists). You should really check out some of his different ones. Sometimes … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love Roadtrips!