Friday Five: 5 Too-Good-to-be-True Health Hacks

Good morning! As I crank out this week's list, I can barely move. Seriously. If you see me this weekend, please don't bump me, I WILL fall over. On Monday I started another bootcamp with my favorite trainer, Stephanie Adkins. I've used her bootcamps before as jumping points, springboards to progress in getting healthy. This … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Too-Good-to-be-True Health Hacks


The Zen of Chaos

I love yoga. I love the focus. I love the slow challenge. I love the ujjayi breathing. I love that I feel good at it!┬áMy $15 Target tape has 6 workouts that are not at all advanced, but lemme tell ya, I GOT those moves. It's one of my favorite work-outs because I can feel … Continue reading The Zen of Chaos