30 Days to My Summer Body

Because everyone loves a shortcut, right?! Two truths, 1) we don't believe in the summer body, just get out there and try to be healthy, and 2) well-balanced health has no shortcuts. (bummer, right?) BUT, sometimes challenges can give you something new to focus on and invigorate your attitude for working towards a goal when … Continue reading 30 Days to My Summer Body


My Kids and the “F” Word

Click bait title, sorry... Not THAT "F" word. They're all under 5 and home with me most of the time, so we have pretty decent control over the profanity they're exposed to (although Cora has learned the "Name Game"--Cora Cora Bo Bora, Banana Fana Fo Fora... Aaaaaaand we have a dog named Grux...so oops...) In … Continue reading My Kids and the “F” Word