My Kids and the “F” Word

Click bait title, sorry... Not THAT "F" word. They're all under 5 and home with me most of the time, so we have pretty decent control over the profanity they're exposed to (although Cora has learned the "Name Game"--Cora Cora Bo Bora, Banana Fana Fo Fora... Aaaaaaand we have a dog named oops...) In … Continue reading My Kids and the “F” Word


1 Pot Waffles

(If all you need is a great, easy homemade waffle recipe, scroll to the bottom for the condensed version. It is LEGIT!) 1 Pot Waffles--(I of course┬ámean mixing bowl, but the word pot just creates such lovely assonance, so...I mean I guess you can mix this in a pot, but probably use a bowl. Whatever...) … Continue reading 1 Pot Waffles