Friday Five: 5 Words Our Kids Invented

Having kids makes you do weird and sometimes embarrassing things. Like use words that don't exist. Kids are hysterical and awesome as they're learning to speak and communicate. Sometimes it can be a challenge even for parents to figure out WHAT THE HECK they're talking about. Just last night, Hank kept requesting the "Destiny" song, … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Words Our Kids Invented


“Shtoopid, Mom!”

"Shtoopid, Mom..." Umm...excuse me? An exasperated muttering from my TWO YEAR OLD?! Honestly, my wife and I were simply stunned for a moment. We are very careful in the way we speak to each other and to our children, and I'm sure we had let the forbidden "S" word slip before. But always about a THING, not … Continue reading “Shtoopid, Mom!”