Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love the World Cup

Hey, all! Feels like I just wrote last week, but looking at the archives that is certainly NOT true! Ha! My grasp of time is completely wonked out and you know, that's ok with me for now. I know someday too soon I'll miss the order and rhythm (or lack thereof) found in tiny people … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love the World Cup


I’m a Doubting Thomas

What will be left when I've drawn my last breath Besides the folks I've met and the folks who've known me? Will I discover a soul-saving love Or just the dirt above and below me?   I'm a doubting Thomas I took a promise But I do not feel safe Oh me of little faith … Continue reading I’m a Doubting Thomas

Friday 5: Five Favorite Christmas Albums

CHRISTMAS!!!!! We love Christmas. We love the entire Christmas season. The traditions, the decorations, all honoring the significance of Christ and the love we get to share. But today...let's talk CHRISTMAS MUSIC! In our house, Christmas music begins on the drive home from Trick-or-Treating. We know, we know. Some are very passionate about holding off … Continue reading Friday 5: Five Favorite Christmas Albums