Fall 2016

We are Jeff and Meagan, high school sweethearts married 9 years that simply love living this adventure together. We have 3 kiddos (the crazies) Cora, Hank, and Walt, and 2 enormous beasts, Grux and Maeby. Jeff investigates financial crimes during the day and the rest of the time serves as the Youth Minister at the First Baptist church in our hometown, and Meagan is home with all the babies and beasts.

The crazies are all under age 5 and life is a giant, chaotic mess of giggles, dirt, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and lots of roll-your-eyes-and-laugh love.

Our favorite times as a couple are those late night talks when miraculously everyone is sleeping, and we debrief on all the ordinary, mundane, amazing things we’ve experienced.

We’re far from perfect, but dang it if we don’t LOVE every minute of family! And although our stories are ordinary and echo generations upon generations before us, we love recounting our personal lessons and revelations.

We love to share. We love to write. So here is our messy hodgepodge of a blog. Because as you can read in our first post, we’re not worried about the destination of whatever this turns out to be.

We’re simply getting here.