Friday Five: 5 Times Hank was

Hank feature! A few weeks ago we shared some of Cora’s winning quotes, and this week 20170603_172023we wanted to do the same for our Hankasaurus Rex. But as we talked about specific things he’s said, we realized there’s more of an essence we want to communicate. Hank is Hank to the extreme. In all of his characteristics, he is 100% that.

So here are five ways Hank is the “most”:

1) The Most Resourceful

This kid has his dad’s flair for survivalist practices. This trait will be gold when the inevitable zombie apocalypse descends upon us. But seriously, Screenshot_2017-07-07-08-43-49-1this kid carefully squirrels away food like no other. I have an instagram collage from before he was WALKING,  where I found snack remnants filling up the beds of toy trucks, inside a cupboard, and behind some books on a shelf. All Hank. He got in trouble one time at Sunday school for sneaking food away and trying to tuck it away for later.

No idea why he feels the need to do this, as we have regular snack time and an “eat until your tummy is full” policy. Whatever his motivation, Hank is preparing. Nuclear winter is coming…

2) The Funniest

This kid will joke with me! And I love it! Whenever we are trying to locate Walt around the house (Bebes is sneaky), Hank has started to kid with me. He’ll tell me “oh, I put him in the trash…” and we laugh while always literal Cora runs in a panic to free him from said trash can.

Jeff told the kids the following joke one time:

What’s red and really loud? APPLE!

After this, Hank interpreted that humor lies in shouting the punchline. Any punch line. If you ask Hank to tell you a joke, I swear the exchange will be exactly this:

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

Wooden shoe…

Wooden shoe who?

Wooden shoe like to hear another joke? (here’s where the joke should end, but before you can actually laugh at this logical punch line, Hank will scream at you


This is also his favorite method for trying to get out of trouble. I truly think sometimes he gets frustrated, becomes disrespectful and angry, but then doesn’t know how to stop. So through hot tears and mean faces, sometimes his entire demeanor changes in an instant to “Oh, that was just a joke…” (we don’t let him get away with this, but man it’s hard not to laugh…)

3) The Most Affectionate

Hank is 100% in whatever he does. And that includes love. He is a little tornado of energy, 2017-07-07 08.51.27but he always stops for physical touch and affirmation. When he is really tired, he gently rubs the ear of whoever is holding him. When he is REEEEEALLLLY tired, he will suck on your earlobe if you’re not careful! It’s so strange, but so tender and sweet.

He is always the one to want to snuggle and somehow ends up between your body and whatever piece of furniture you’re sitting on. He can’t possibly be close enough.

Verbally, he spouts “I love you”s at random and with impressive frequency. Our favorite is that he most often just says “I love you, too!” even if no one has said the first “I love you” yet. This kid loves.

4) The Most Passionate

Passion is often our word for his extremes. The dude can get mad. Melt down isn’t even a great term, because it conjures up an image of a child “melting” or moving gradually2017-07-07 08.50.54 from rational thinking into madness. Hank doesn’t really have an in between. He’s more like the baby from the Incredibles. One minute, happy dude. The next, baby on fire.

His “passion” gets him in trouble most often for disrespect, and then sent to timeout. We’ve also found one of the most effective disciplines with him is taking away a toy for a negative behavior. Often it helps him focus and correct. But whoa, sometimes he turns it into a standoff. We think the record is 15 toys taken away for one refusal to sit for timeout. That doesn’t sound like effective discipline, but if you’ve known Hank long term, there is tangible progress. Believe us, we’ve sat down to evaluate it because sometimes it feels like nothing is happening. But this method has gotten him to stop kicking his door, go straight to time out instead of fighting about it, stop banging his head on the wall, and, for the most part, stop throwing things.

The positive side of passion is what we hope to maintain. Once we master obedience, we hope this quality stays with him and can be nurtured into leadership, someone who loves what they do and who they do it for. If you know Hank at all, you probably know some of the things he is already passionate about. His entire “speech” at my brother’s rehearsal dinner was creepily whispering “Staaar Waaaars” into the microphone at a steadily increasing volume…

5) The Most Helpful

For all of his stubbornness and defiance, he is so earnestly helpful. Give him a job in a project, and he will do it completely. Once Jeff had him helping pull weeds in the yard, and now that’s what he wants to do first when we go outside. He was helping 2017-07-07 08.47.31Dad. He loves helping Dad. He wants to continue helping Dad. He loves to help use tools, and I’m so excited to watch him grow and be able to complete projects legitimately on his own.

If I told him tomorrow that Walt was his responsibility, he would not question it for a second. He would take the Man-Cub and raise him as his own. He would comfort, entertain, feed, change, bathe, and dress him. He LOVES that bebes.

He and Cora play together most of the day, and therefore fight frequently (shocking, right?). But if she is truly sad or upset, he is right there hugging, wiping tears, and demanding that I produce a band-aid or medicine for whatever is wrong.


I’m sure Hank will begin to have more specific, memorable quotes as he grows (my new favorite words that he uses in EVERY sentence are “ac-tu-a-lly” and “or something” as in “uhh, Mom, ac-tu-a-lly I don’t want to pick up my room because maybe Dad will want to play in here or something?”). But we know he has an excited, adventurous, confident heart that we just can’t get enough of.


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