Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love Roadtrips!

roadtripWho doesn’t love a road trip?! Jeff and I have always LOVED driving together! Inspired by our trip to OKC last weekend, here’s some reasons why!

1) The Jams

Jeff is the ultimate DJ. He makes fantastic Spotify playlists (or old school iPod playlists). You should really check out some of his different ones. Sometimes we jam to the latest radio sensations. Sometimes we pop in Leo Goes Grr and get all nostalgic (check ’em out!). And more recently, we jam to our favorite melodies from good ol’ Disney (wonder who votes for those?!). Once we get out of range of 4G, we pop out the CaseLogic caselogic(Yes, we still have them! If you’re younger than…well, us…just know, the bigger your case was, the cooler you were.) We still have so many awesome albums from Jr. High and High School that are so fun to remember.

2) The Snacks

My family used to take looooong road trips. Like, two days, 14 hour each day road trips. We always got to pick out a snack when we stopped to use the bathroom, because it’s illegal to use the restroom at a gas station without buying something. Right? It’s also illegal to drive with any cabin lights on at night. #halftruthsmydadtaughtusonroadtrips

mikeandikeIn our day-to-day, I have focused very intentionally on my health, and Dr. Pepper just can’t be a regular part of life. I can’t control myself! If there’s Dr. Pepper, there’s NOTHING else. But on road trips! Treat yo’ self. There’s something about traveling that makes convenient store treats magical. If you’ve never purchased a pack of Mike&Ikes (green box only), set them on the warm dashboard, and shared them an hour later, there’s a special kind of Heaven waiting for you. Go buy some for your next adventure…

3) The Views

We love driving through the countryside and taking in the wonder of every different region. We are West Texans born, raised, and returned, and there is breathtaking beauty in the different shades of amber as you glide through the expanse of fields. I still love “watching the Spider run” between rows and rows of cotton. Bursts of colorful wildflowers are like special gems along the journey. My favorite is when you have crystal clear blue skies on one side, and deep, dark storm clouds on the other (tornadoes excused).

bainbridge bainbridge2

We love green, too! And elevation! Haha, we can tell when we’re getting far from home as the horizon gains depth and levels. Natural trees fascinate us, and I just want to climb every single “hill” we pass. One of our favorite memories is simply driving around for hours and hours on Bainbridge Island, Washington, kind of getting lost in the neighborhoods, but can you really be lost if you’re not really going anywhere specific?

4) The Games

Keeping each other awake! Or really, me keeping Jeff awake. He is so gracious to do all the driving, because I really don’t care for the actual driving part of a road trip. I really don’t care for driving in general. I would hire a full-time chauffeur if I could. But sometimes staying awake is hard! Especially when you’ve stayed up packing, or are simply lulled by turn-less driving through the Great Plains.

So we play games. Conversation cards are super fun, and it’s always fun to try and GUESS what the other person will say. We started playing “imagine if we were on the newlywed show…” and trying to provide the other’s answers. Although, nine years of marriage this summer I don’t think we’d qualify for that game anymore. Bummer…we’d be really good…

Sporcle is another favorite. If you’ve never “sporcled”, you can go to the website or download the app and have access to ENDLESS quizzes about anything and everything. I quiz Jeff (and help a little) and help wake his sleepy brain up. We also learn a ton, too.

5) The Kids

Seriously. We love ’em. And we think they’re getting great pretty good at traveling! The baby was kind of a jerk this last run, but he’ll get there. Mostly they take naps, color, read books, or just chat with us. We play the alphabet-animal game, where we each take a turn naming an animal starting with a certain letter of the alphabet. “Cora–armadillo!, Jeff–aardvark!, Me–antelope!, Hank–dinosaur!” and this last trip, a variation on a theme, we had to make an animal sound for everyone to guess. “Cora–meow–Cat!, Jeff–tweet tweet–bird!, Me–moo–cow!, Hank–raaawwwwrrrr–dinosaur?! No…dog!” kids

Travel tip Jeff just invented this last trip: toys go in a storage tub. They always want to bring their toys, and sometimes they do get played with. But instead of “easy-access” bags like I’ve done in the past, just tub it all up. Hardly anything gets misplaced, and it helps control how often the kids really want in and out of it for stuff. 93% of the time they just used their coloring books and books that were stashed beside them – while begging politely requesting another snack.

And we really really love when they angelically nap while we drive. We get so much time to talk in the car. When we taught school together, our workdays began and ended with about 25 minutes of time just driving. Just talking. We miss that so much! So we get super excited when we know we have time in the car together, where we are gifted with the inability to move around and/or be busy, and just talk.

How does your family travel?  We haven’t braved airports and our kids are still pacified by coloring books and granola bars so we know there is a lot to learn – what tips do you have from your family traveling experiences?

If you love road trips too, share your favorite reasons why: we love adding new traditions! So grab your jams, snacks, games, kids if you got ’em, and go enjoy the views!


One thought on “Friday Five: 5 Reasons We Love Roadtrips!

  1. Jeff is definitely AUX cord worthy as proven by his multiple gigs as basketball coaches road trip DJ. I came to your comments to make a snide remark about the excess DMB in his playlists, but I find myself unable to criticize anyone with Mr. Roboto in his most recent playlist!

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