Where we at?!

Man! This whole writing-consistently-thing is harder than we thought! And we missed our first Friday 5! Oh well, getting HERE, right?

So here’s a brief update on the 30 Day Challenge we gave ourselves for May, as well as some explanations for why the blog got bumped down the priority list.

30 DAY CHALLENGE!–We said we would do something, so we did it. And we’ll be honest too!

What it was: An attempt to focus on our health using a specific tactic for each of us. We used an exciting event with people we hadn’t seen in awhile for motivation.

Meagan’s challenge/results: I tried to drink 100oz of water a day for 30 days. Yes this is A LOT, but I am trying to stay hydrated and breastfeed and all that mess, so, yeah…100 oz. I did ok with the challenge! It didn’t happen everyday, BUT I did drink a LOT more water this month, and it really helped control my needless, unhealthy snacking (lookin’ at you, graham crackers). And I could tell a difference in the way I felt. On good water days, I had better energy, slept better, woke up more rested. Also, if I hit the goal 2-3 days in a row, it became really easy, rather than MAKING myself nurse that water bottle all day. I know this is a REVOLUTIONARY discovery, but water! Go figure! Oh and I saw the scale drop 3 more pounds. Which is always fun…

Jeff’s challenge/results: Jeff focused on eating low calorie/high nutrition lunches each day. Even with several lunch dates with people, the man dropped 7 more pounds this month. Dang. Our individual fitness journeys truly aren’t focused on mere weight loss, but who doesn’t love to see that number go down?

And what have we been so busy with the last couple of weeks???

Sometimes we don’t publish posts often…

…because most of our writing happens after bedtime, and sometimes we’re just WIPED OUT

…because most of our writing happens after bedtime, and SOMETIMES there’s about…a million other things I need to do instead. I’m a great laundry WASHER, but I never quite get to that whole putting-it-away stage. Those of you who include your small children in laundry folding, TEACH ME PLEASE! Cora still refuses to fold our linens the conventional way and insists her rolling-each-washcloth-into-a-light saber method is better. And I just can’t even…

…because sometimes I have 1000 writing ideas, start them ALL, but never actually flesh anything out

…because sometimes we travel to our second home, OKC, to see dear friends and celebrate big events

…because sometimes after we go to bed on Tuesday, we realize that it was actually Thursday night and where the heck has the week gone?!

…because sometimes I stay up all night cleaning the house in preparation for someone to stay there. And let’s be honest, with 2 huge dogs and 3 tiny people, I clean clean clean to get it to a point where I can be fake and say “oh man, I’m sorry the house is SUCH a mess…” and pretend that this is the house in a state of chaos rather than WAY more organized than normal. Anyone else lie about this? No? Just me? Moving on…

…because sometimes we add to our adventure with even MORE exciting adventures, like Jeff as he has stepped in as Interim Youth Director at First Baptist! There are so many things we’d like to do! We are faithfully praying for who God has next for this group, but until then we are ready to rock! We stay up dreaming big about exciting things.

…because sometimes when the kids are all actually asleep and there’s no pressing deadline keeping us working into the night, we just have to lounge on the couch and watch a terrible movie that carries absolutely no substance

So it has been a quiet couple of weeks on here but definitely not in life. We are excited to get back to it and MAYBE I’ll finally finish putting some of my thoughts into publishable (word choice?) material.


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