Friday Five: 5 Cora Quotes that Make us Think She was born 35

This week is inspired by our beautiful first born. Y’all, the sass. She is creative and bold and will talk to you aaaaaaaaalllllllllll day if you listen.2017-05-26 09.49.58

She loves to learn and work hard, and she often speaks as though she’s much older than her actual age of 4 (almost 5). It gets hysterical and at times, stops us in our tracks.

Enjoy this little Cora feature!

1) That time she learned the states and where they were located on a map…BEFORE SHE WAS 2!!!

Now, we chalk this one totally up to puzzles. It’s not really so much a quote as a parlor trick. Jeff got her a puzzle much too mature for her age in which each state was cut out in its own shape (as opposed to typical puzzle pieces). And wouldn’t you know, she not only learned how to do the puzzle, but she memorized the names of each one. Her memory is cray. She has always been able to recall information like this, and continues to stun us with random factoids.

She just seems to have a phenomenal grasp on geography. She will tell me where we are in the city, even when driving somewhere new (“oh I think we’re close to Tech” or “hey there’s a Menchie’s around here”), and she can estimate distance based on experience. It’s crazy. I can’t even do that most of the time…

2) That time she planned her future career(s) based on passion AND financial stability

We don’t talk about money much with Cora yet. We talk about caring for our things and how Daddy works hard to provide for us. We talk about how we all do jobs to contribute. But as far as pay scales and salaries, we haven’t really delved into all that. So someone please tell me where this plan came from!

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor or scientist during the week to make money. But then I want to be a ballet dancer or an artist…but that’s just my fun job for the weekends.”

It cracked us up that she was planning multiple professions (as many kids do), but that she also grouped them by financial potential.

3) That time she was progressive with her future family

Again, listing her many careers and dreams…

“I’m going to be a doctor–for everyone, kids, adults, AND animals–, and a teacher, and a ballerina, and a rock star, and then when I get married and have kids…well I guess he’s just going to have to stay home with them while I go to my jobs…”

Ha! I love that she wants it all, and I hope she achieves every last goal. Although I don’t know about future family, because recently she told me, “I don’t know if I’m getting married, because I just really don’t know who, or what would happen, so…eeehhhh…”

Jeff tried to get that in writing…

4) That time she began to grasp death so much sooner than I wanted her to

This is a tough one. Maybe skip it…

Cora has never accepted broad answers to big questions. She wants practical, real, tangible answers. So for life’s big questions, we answer her as honestly and completely as possible. She was so lucky to have known both of my grandfathers. And though she was so young, she remembers them, and she remembers when they died. Remembering our very loved family members has given her a perspective I don’t often know how to respond to right away. So mostly when she begins asking questions, we hold her close, answer as clearly as we know how, and remind her how much she is loved by us, and how much she was loved by them. But sometimes you’re just not ready for the beautiful, heartbreaking way your child articulates life and death…

“I love balloons! They are so fun. But they’re not really made to last. Kind of like people I guess…”

Every now and then, she will cry without apparent provocation. And often the explanation is that something made her think of them and she just misses them and is sad they are not here. And she doesn’t quite understand why we can’t visit them. I told you she’s mastered the concept of geography, and it is so frustrating that she can’t map out in her mind the way to Heaven.

And just because I don’t want to get too sad…here’s my favorite quote of hers about Heaven…

“I think Heaven is a place where no one is sick, and no one is sad…and also your toys all jump into their spots when you snap, like on Mary Poppins…” Agreed, kid. Agreed.

5) That time she got a little snooty about our ceiling

TV watching with Cora is difficult. We don’t want to watch Daniel Tiger 24/7 (thought it is a good one…), and we can’t have any “innocent” grown up shows on at all, because she WILL perk up at the first instance of any colorful language or innuendo and immediately 2017-05-26 09.49.13demand an explanation for what it means (or she’ll repeat it).

So we started popping on episodes of Fixer Upper every now and then. Innocent, on Netflix, that’s pretty much our criteria. But then we found her one day staring. Staring up. With a wrinkled nose, and slight frown.

Finally, with pure disgust, “Dad. We have POPCORN ceilings. We really need to just…paint them flat. I’m going to buy a fixer upper someday.” 

When we reminded her of all the projects we have done around the house, and how it kind of IS a fixer upper, she quickly clarified, “Oh but I’m going to buy one and like…have them do it for me first…then I’ll move in.”

So, Chip and Joanna, Fixer Upper Pre-K Edition? We’ve got a client for you!

Our Cora June keeps us rolling, and we LOVE that she talks about every single thing she sees, hears, smells, feels, and thinks about.


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