KonMari and Me: The Prep

Who’s ready for a life change?!

Simple. Minimal. I’m loving the new movement to embrace less as more. Tiny houses? I would LOVE to live in one someday. Seriously! If it was just me and the hubs, in a heartbeat. Although I think I’ll need one with traditional plumbing. Composting toilets is where I draw the line…Tumbleweed Tiny House Farallon

We have So. Much. Stuff. 2.5 years ago, we prepared to sell our house and move states. We PURGED. I mean, boxes on boxes. Furniture. So. Much. Stuff. left our house. Then we sent boxes to Texas so our house would be “show-ready”, making our closets a perfect 2/3 full (the ideal amount to make your space most attractive to buyers).

I loved all the space that suddenly opened up! So when we officially moved, I was determined to get rid of more. More things we didn’t really use. More things that were just in the way. So I did. And for TWO AND A HALF YEARS, I’ve STILL been purging my house. And each time I sweep through, I find MORE. I’m not even giving away things that make me sad. I’m talking things that I seriously don’t need or use. And the house still feels maxed out.

And then I found it. What I know hope is the answer!

The KonMari method. Marie Kondo, a professional cleaning and organizing consultant, has developed a process to rid your home of the unnecessary. To cleanse life of clutter and chaos, and embrace true joy in the possessions you keep. Jeff gifted me her book a few months ago, and I’ve read it cover to cover.

The title is bold, with a confident promise. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. She shares stories from numerous clients who faithfully executed her method, and not only loved their living spaces afterwards, but felt an openness and energy in their lives in general. Once every space served a purpose, every object fulfilling a need, people describe how they were able to slow-down, think, and then excel.

I want that! I love caring for our home, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m never done. Like the chore list is out-running me.

So here’s post number 1 for me! I plan to share my beginning, some steps along the way, and the end. Will this process really be magically life changing???

The entire process is supposed to take about 6 months to work through each category of your things. And I’m committing, hardcore. She stresses again and again, that you can’t cheat on the rules and you can’t skip or rearrange steps. So in 6 more pounds (a slightly unrelated fitness goal…but I can’t purge my clothes if I still need those slightly more forgiving pants…), I’m starting. And then I’m finishing.

Some of the process sounds easy. Getting rid of gadgets I never use, that random box of cords that I don’t really know what to do with, and even the craft box is full of things I can’t wait to toss. Some of it sounds really difficult. The mementos. The special notes or items saved for one reason or another. But I love the heart behind the method. Truly special things don’t get to fulfill their special beautiful purpose if they’re all shoved under my bed in a battered shoe box that I know will never really manifest into a scrapbook. The heart behind her philosophy of living IS to truly treasure the memories that are important to us. But instead of keeping an entire box in the corner of the garage full of my daughter’s most special outfits she’s outgrown, gleaning one or two beautifully significant objects from her childhood and displaying those on my built-ins or in a frame. Her method that seems to focus on cleaning things and possessions, is really about seizing joy in life. And I love love love that.

Jeff and I have been using her trademark phrase the last few weeks to “practice” sifting through what is unnecessary and what holds true value for us. She encourages you to hold every single object in your home and answer the question “Does this spark joy?” Am I keeping that old sweatshirt because I love it and actually wear it, or because I feel guilty getting rid of it because it came from a certain event years ago. Will the memory of that event be tossed away with the shirt? Does the shirt actually spark joy about the memory as I shove it back again and again, trying to find more room in my closet?

But I’m getting ready for the real deal! I’m planning an official start for July 3rd. I’ll go through the process, fully and completely, and see where we end up.

Anyone want to join?!


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