Getting Here

Getting there.

We say it ALL the time. It’s become almost a family mantra…

Sometimes it’s an optimistic cheer as we’re updating family and friends on life:

How’s the working out going? We’re getting there!
How’s potty training going? We’re getting there!
I know your kids have been sick, how is everyone? We’re getting there!

Sometimes it’s masked enthusiasm as we are earnestly trying to offer up positive affirmation in a struggle:

Are you guys staying busy? (endless cycle of laundry/dishes/messes, grilled cheese 2 nights in a row, and I haven’t showered in 4 days) Oh yeah, we’re getting there…
Do the kids just love playing together? (how can two tiny people always WANT to be together so badly and still YELL at each other the entire time) Oh yes, they’re getting there…
Did you get your living room painted? (painter’s tape has been marking off baseboards for months…and we’ll pretend those months don’t equal a year yet…) Oh we’ve been so busy with activities, buuuuut…we’re getting there!

Sometimes it’s sarcastic, as a warning to our darling children, or a joke about the state of the housekeeping:

Mommy, look at the puzzle I finished! Now I can put it in the box! (a puzzle that was NOT out when said child was instructed to clean the room ) MmmK…you’re getting there…
Work on any projects today? (as we both trip over the “project” box of empty picture frames and pinterest crafts waiting to be
started finished) Oh yeah totally, I’m getting there

And we love our “getting there” phrase. Because we truly mean it as positive encouragement that we are enjoying the adventure and journey that is our life. But, as we’re surrounded by millions of tiny journeys that we’re apparently on and so many destinations that we’re apparently moving towards, we’ve started to wonder… Getting where?

Where is it that we will finally arrive and say “Oh look! We made it! We’re here!” Is it when the house is perfectly remodeled and decorated? No, because honestly we hope to be in a different house before this one would be considered “finished”. Will it be when all our children are out of diapers? In school? No, because then we will miss their tiny, diapered, stuck-inside-with-us-all-day selves. And we know that we will love the next phase of parenting, but there will also be new struggles we will “travel” through. Is it when we finally are maintaining all of our current relationships to a superb and fulfilled point? No, because we will always be missing someone who is too far, wanting to give more time and energy to something, or feeling like we haven’t adequately supported someone’s special occasion or season of life.

We move faster and faster forward and looking forward. We lament that time is going too quickly. Future dreams are chased at the expense of our present, and looking back only brings regrets of what should have been done better or already finished.

So we’re trying to shift. We’re trying to strip our mentality of that linear focus that always has us looking forward and backward but never really around at now. We are tired of looking so far forward. We are tired of trying to “get there”. We desire to get here and cherish what matters. We are tired of living from stress to stress. We desire to soak up the moments we have now and grow stronger as a family and as individuals.

We are here. And though we will always live out ways that prepare for the future (we are improving our health, we are teaching our children important skills for their growing up, and we will keep paying those darn utility bills even if there is no tomorrow), we want to be here. Exactly here. It is a struggle, because forward thinking is our nature. But here. Here. We’re practicing thinking and focusing on here. With this blog, we hope to capture moments and thoughts. We want to encourage others by simply marveling at the ordinary found exactly where we are now.

We’re getting here.


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