Friday 5: Five I “Can Nots”

This week was wonderful, but BUSY. So much so that my brain just can't even tonight. So here are just 5 funny things about me that I can't seem to get a handle on in my life. No, none of them are crucial to functioning, but one would think I could master this weird list … Continue reading Friday 5: Five I “Can Nots”


Love and Logic: A Review

I've officially started this review 4 times. It just gets too long because I have THAT much to say about this book! If you don't feel like committing to my long explanation here, just know that this book is 1) A Quick Read--we all appreciate that! 2) Extremely Practical--so many real life techniques, not just … Continue reading Love and Logic: A Review

Friday 5: Five Favorite Christmas Albums

CHRISTMAS!!!!! We love Christmas. We love the entire Christmas season. The traditions, the decorations, all honoring the significance of Christ and the love we get to share. But today...let's talk CHRISTMAS MUSIC! In our house, Christmas music begins on the drive home from Trick-or-Treating. We know, we know. Some are very passionate about holding off … Continue reading Friday 5: Five Favorite Christmas Albums